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Calling all tired moms

I don’t know about you, but I am sofaking tired!


See what I did there?


Not in the mood for puns? Got it.

I am not alone in being tired. In fact, I am confident you (yes, you, attempting to squeeze in skimming this post while multitasking) have felt more than overwhelmed in this mom’s life a time or two.


A recent study showed that more than 95% of women feel unappreciated, unacknowledged, or unseen in their role as a mother.


Still in denial? Let’s try something else.


Many women surveyed said they:

·      Feel as though people ask too much of them;

·      Are excluded and left out after becoming a mom;

·      Were less than supported at work (think flexibility); and

·      Possessed a warped definition of self-care.


Speaking of self-care, can we stop thinking that our partners taking the kid to the park so you can get laundry done is self-care?!

The article (link below) lists ways that companies can be more mindful of mothers (*coughing* paid leave for both parents and increased accessibility to mental health services), but how can YOU take charge and advocate for your well-being?

·      Enlist help – Your parents, friends, spouse – ask for a few hours per month dedicated to self-care (OUTSIDE of the house)

·      Delegate and outsource where you can.

·      Spell out what you need – make it abundantly clear so there is no confusion.

·      Don’t let the mom guilt creep in.


That last one is a BIG doozy but guess what? Is the family fed? Do you have a roof over your head? Is at least one adult gainfully employed? If you answered yes to all of this, you are doing great, mama!


Now go get some rest and recognition!


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