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Baby, baby, babyyyy

Updated: Apr 29

Get an education, have a career, get married, and have children they said.


Who is they anyway?


Your parents? Your girlfriends? Family members? Teachers? Hell, it may be random strangers, for all we know. Lord knows people who know nothing about you love to be in your childbearing business!


Why don’t these same people flaunt statistics about maternal mortality?


Probably because that is not the sexy part of childbirth we want to talk about…that one we NEED to talk about—the elephant in the room, if you will.

Listen, I was ECSTATIC when I found out I was finally pregnant, considering everything my husband and I endured. Neither of us had kids, and we had been trying for years. Don’t get me wrong—baby showers are adorable, families are excited to learn there will be a new bundle of joy arriving (especially if it is the first grandchild), and we all await that beautiful fluttering, which turns into subsequent kicking down the line.


But not one single soul disclosed a care or concern about maternal mortality.


Would it have swayed my decision to get pregnant? Probably not. But in the same manner that we want people to be informed voters, we should ensure that people are informed about our bodies and what can occur postpartum.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), in June 2023, there were 553 maternal deaths in the 25–39-year-old age group. Y’all…FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE PEOPLE SUFFERED A MATERNAL DEATH. Granted, this number was higher in February 2022, when there were 886 people in the same group, but come on. Why is this happening, or why is it so high when it does? We are referring to the good old US of America, not a third-world country.


No exaggeration. This is the chart from the CDC’s website. I implore you to check it out in great detail on your own.

In November 2023, the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research was announced in an effort to address health disparities and inequities affecting women. On February 21st, 2024, Dr. Jill Biden announced $100 million in funding to accelerate the research (this was actually allocated), and on March 7th, she requested another $12 billion to transform the research (this is just a request – not sure if it will happen). Regardless, I hope we see something actionable and life-changing, especially as it relates to bringing a child into this world.


We can sit back and wait for the government to make the change(s) for us, or we can arm ourselves with information, TRUSTED medical professionals, and other support (could be some of those same family and friends all up in your uterus) to be the change we want to see.



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